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Why Choose Us?

  • Fourteen separate buildings for a quieter, stress-free atmosphere
  • Private outside play area in all Suites & Runs
  • Oversized A/C systems for excellent odor & climate control
  • 100% fresh air returns to reduce airborne illnesses
  • Suite & Run webcams available
  • Two private dog parks on premises with webcams
  • Two huge in-ground, chemical-free pools designed specifically for dogs
  • Spacious three-story condos for our feline guests
  • Webcam Apps for Android & iPhone (Search ODOGGY)
  • 24-hour security cameras and night staff
  • HDTV & Audio speakers throughout entire facility
  • Elevated Pet Cots for our canine guests
  • NFL-style artificial turf throughout entire facility
  • An educated and well-trained staff to care for your pet