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Dog Boarding

Come Stay With Us!

Lauderdale Pet Lodge is a state-of-the-art facility designed by experts in the pet care industry. Fourteen separate buildings house pets more comfortably and create a quieter, stress-free atmosphere. Oversized air conditioning systems allow for excellent odor and climate control, with 100% fresh air returns to reduce airborne illnesses. All buildings include maximum natural lighting, HDTV, and included in the boarding price is a variety of activities to keep your pet entertained throughout the stay.

Our spacious indoor/outdoor runs & suites offer unobstructed access to their own private play area fitted with artificial NFL-style turf at their leisure.

Our dog parks and many of our runs & suites are equipped with webcams, so you can see your pet at play AND at rest while you’re away.

Make Your Dog Feel At Home!

Even though elevated Pet Cots are provided for all guests, owners are welcome to bring two toys, treats and their pet’s bedding or blanket from home to make their “suite” most enjoyable. No king comforters or excessively large beds. (Please label all belongings).

Dog Boarding Rates

A/C & heated Runs and Suites - All activities included. (Indoor/Outdoor OR All-Indoor).

Runs: $60 per night/per dog

Suites: $75 per night/per dog

Webcams: $8 per night

(Mon-Sat) Check out by 12:00 PM Noon to avoid additional fees.

Sunday & Holiday Check out (3 PM-5PM) Add $10

*Mandatory bath for ALL boarding dogs: $20-$35 depending on size and coat.

Additional Dog Boarding Packages

Canine Gold Package - $28

Includes: Two Enrichment Activities, Treat, Daily Photo

Canine Silver Package - $20

Includes: Enrichment Activity, Treat, Photo

Canine Bronze Package - $12

Includes: Enrichment Activity, Treat

Enrichment Activities:

We have customizable services to enrich your dog’s physical and mental experience at our resort. Whether it’s a special activity with a team member, or a calming package to comfort them, we want your pup to feel at home with us. Call us today so we can learn all about your pup and give them the best vacation ever.


Shared Run: 20% on 2nd dog

Multi-Family: 20% (3 dogs or more)


Frosty Paws: $3 each

Kosher All Beef Hot Dogs: $3 each

Milk Bones: $3 (small baggie full)

Medications (pills): $2 and up per administration.

*Meals/Feedings: No charge. Two meals per day of our Science Diet OR your food from home.