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Daycare (For Non-Boarding Dogs)

Working all day while your pet is home alone? Lauderdale Pet Lodge offers daycare! Daycare includes as many activities as your pet’s size and temperament can accommodate. Running around on our gorgeous play fields, swimming in our extra large pools, or playing fetch with their fellow dogs, the possibilities are endless! Your dog will have the time of their life, and be extra happy and tired when you pick them up! $36 per day. (Restrictions apply).

*Reservations are required.

Daycare (For Boarding Dogs)

Daycare is included in the boarding price and includes hours of group play with other dogs of similar size and temperament. Daycare is conducted on-premises in our private, one-of-a-kind dog parks with 2 in-ground pools, complete with experienced, well-seasoned handlers, dirt and pest free artificial NFL-style turf, and industrial grade cooling UV shade tents. Our chlorine and chemical-free pools measure 30 inches in maximum depth, with shallow edges, swim-outs and water-jet fountains for the ultimate in H20 play. Whether here for the day or an extended stay, South Florida’s number one pet lodge is the place to be.

Daycare Hours

Mon – Fri (7 a.m. –  6:30 p.m.) and Sat (9 a.m. – 5 p.m. / Based on availability). Daycare is NOT available on Sundays or holidays. The cost is $36 daily, $26 for a 4-hour half day, or obtain a pre-paid punch card for discount savings.

All Day Daycare Punch Cards

6 days $198

10 days $310

20 days $600

1 Month Unlimited $400

Half Day Daycare $26

5 pack $115

10 pack $220

20 pack $420


Frosty Paws: $3 each

Kosher All Beef Hot Dogs: $3 each

Milk Bones: $3 (small baggie full)

Medications (pills): $2 and up per administration.

*Meals/Feedings: No charge. Two meals per day of our Science Diet OR your food from home.